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Sokudo Ningyou
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Writer, loner, artist.

"For those who do not write and who never
have been stirred by the creative urge, talk of muses seems a figure of speech,
a quaint conceit, but for those of us who live by the Word, our muses are
as real and necessary as the soft clay of language which they help to sculpt.
When one is writing -- truly writing -- it is as if one is given a fatline
to the gods."

I write mostly Sailormoon fanfiction, which is known in California to cause severe head trauma and unexplained toenail bleeding. Pretty Soldiers is my current, and largest, project in progress. I've been writing it in some form since 1997, seriously since 1999, and it's been mostly a labor of personal interest and to work on my writing skills. It's an attempt to re-write the manga to fill in the plotholes Takeuchi-san created (unintentionally), and to add in my own characters. Since it's based on the manga (and through the Alex Glover translations), many of the characters speak with a particular cadence to match the translations; this is not an error in sentence structure, it's on purpose.
I've also written several quick shorts, which range from the Sailormoon anime, to the Dresden Files, to X-Men, and the Hyperion Cantos. Most of them are written on the fly, and are pretty much posted as is. As with my "magnum opus," they tend to be to fill in plot points I thought were ignored, or "What If?" scenarios.
Most of my writing can be found at Aria's Ink and Dreamwidth as Sokudoningyou, and .moon, SMFanfiction, Sailormoonfiction, Fanfiction.net, as Sokudo Ningyou, as well as my personal archive, Many A Fallen Palace (when I haven't buggered it up with efiction updates, that is).

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